You are at the exclusive web site for the sale of the traditional blues harmonica study songs composed by the legendary player, teacher and harmonica customizer, Joe Filisko.  These songs are the direct result of his 30+ dedicated years as one of the world's foremost authorities on the harmonica, its music and various styles of playing, prewar and postwar alike.

Joe has made a very conscious decision to not sell his teaching materials publicly until he felt confident that his method was well tested in all playing levels.  He wants you to be the best sounding player that you can and have the most possible fun while getting there.

You will find instructional downloads, Filisko & Noden downloadable workshops, Tongue Block Trainers (and instructions to make your own at home), and other items of interest as they arise.

Thank you for your interest!

We now have 83 study songs! A complete LIST of all study songs by level with categories. 

Among these you will find: