Kim Wilson (The Fabulous Thunderbirds)
Joe is one of the rare talents on the instrument of the harmonica. He is the guy that does what most players can’t even think about doing.

Jerry Portnoy  (Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton)
Joe Filisko’s command of the harmonica, especially his mastery of pre-war harmonica styles has few, if any, rivals. He plays to the strengths and unique capabilities of the instrument and employs the full range of tonal colors, trills, flutters, chord rhythms, and other special effects that make his playing so expressive – all in service of the music.  My admiration for his skill and musicianship is boundless.

Steve Baker
Joe Filisko is one of my all-time favorite harmonica players. His knowledge of classic blues harmonica styles is literally unparalleled and he plays them with both passion and deep respect.

Pat Missin (Harmonica World)
(Joe) can breathe life into the traditional American harp styles like few other players.

Dennis Gruenling (Blues Revue)
Joe Filisko could be the best prewar blues harmonica stylist in the world today.

Peter “Madcat” Ruth
Thank you Joe, for preserving so many of these all-but-lost harmonica techniques.

Grant Dermody
The music world in general, and the harmonica world in particular, are blessed to have Joe Filisko as an active member. As a player of staggering skill and versatility, a passionate teacher, a vastly knowledgeable historian, and an innovative technician, Joe is without peer. He is a constant inspiration to us all.

Bear Family Records
Joe Filisko is a household name for harp players. He’s a professional, one-of-a kind harmonica tuner working for all the great blowers and players of today.. . . . .I would rank him amongst the top ten of blues harp players, worldwide.

PT Gazell
Joe’s unbelievable command of the harmonica, and thorough knowledge of country blues on the instrument, leaves all other wannabes in the dust of his musical and historical talent.

Tom Ball
Joe has spent years studying — and indeed mastering — the often overlooked pre-war styles of harpers . . .

Chuck Wasserburg (Buddy Guy’s Legends Blues Letter)
Filisko is acknowledged around the world as one of the masters of the diatonic harmonica.

Rick Estrin (Rick Estrin and the Nightcats)
Joe is unquestionably a bad man! (in a good way)
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