The goal of the Filisko Teach-In is to assemble the largest possible variety of specialists consisting of the world’s highest quality players, teachers, technicians and historians, and allow for them to be freely and eagerly available for questions, demonstration and discussion on just about all things harmonica and music related. I have people available to help with bending, overbending, tongue blocking, hand techniques and position playing, and that is only the very beginning.

The Filisko Teach-In is currently only held each year at the SPAH Harmonica Festival.

There are harmonica technicians and mic and amp technicians available for demonstrations. There are professional studio players and advanced blues, rock, jazz, country, old-time and Irish players. You can learn some beginning or advanced music theory, or simply get your first introductory harmonica lesson, even if you never played before!


These specialists, numbering as many as 15, do not conduct seminars, but rather hold informal discussions with typically 3-15 people in and around each one. As a participant, you can be a “fly on the wall” soaking up the large variety of discussions, or you can come with a clear agenda of wanting to learn very specific things. Efforts are made to accommodate everyone, right down to the serving of cold beverages!

The list of specialists has included: Buzz Krantz, Howard Levy, Norton Buffalo, Mark Ford, Tom Ellis, Phil Wiggins, Allen Holmes, Paul Oscher, Pat Missin, Rob Paparozzi, Paul Davies, James Conway, Kirk “Jelly Roll” Johnson, Dennis Gruenling, Mark Graham, Gary Primich, Rosco, Richard Sleigh, Lee Oskar, Dennis “Mr. Microphone” Oellig, Johnny “B” Bishop, Winslow Yerxa, John Costa, Steve Guyger, George Brooks, Chris Michalek, Rick Epping, Brendan Power, Bill Barrett, Larry Eisenberg, David Barrett, Madcat, Blackie Schackner, Annie Raines, Paul Messinger, Jimmy Gordon, Douglas Tate, Richard Hunter, Grant Dermody, Pat Ramsey, Jason Ricci, Jimi Lee, Michael Rubin, Cara Cooke, Robert Bonfiglio, P.T. Gazell, Wally Peterman, Michael Peloquin, Jerry Devillier, RJ Mischo, Rick Estrin, Bruce Kurnow, Lonnie Joe Howell, Brandon Bailey, Buddy Greene, Adam Gussow, Will Scarlett, Steve Baker, Don Ceasar, Ronnie Shellist, Joe Spiers, Charlie Barath, Rob Roy Parnell, Todd Parrott, Ben Hewlett, Mike Caldwell, Deak Harp, Seth Shumate, Johnny Lang, and yours truly, Joe Filisko.

The Filisko Teach-In is currently only held each year at the SPAH Harmonica Festival.
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