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Important Downloading Instruction

Please Read Carefully

Downloads with credit card payment

1 Submit payment
2 Remain on that page/screen. It becomes the confirmation page immediately.
3 Scroll down to the bottom of that page to YOUR DOWNLOAD LINK.
4 Click on the file to begin downloading.
5 Tracks are in .mp3 format

Downloads with PayPal payment

1 Submit payment to PayPal
2 Log into your PayPal account and send payment
3 After submitting payment choose the link to "return to filiskostore.com"
4 Scroll down on the page to YOUR DOWNLOAD LINK.
5 Click on link to begin downloading.

You will NOT receive an e-mail link. You will have the file immediately. Do not close the payment page - scroll to the bottom for the link after submitting payment.
HINT: If your downloaded file is not recognized by your unzip application, try renaming it with the .zip extension.

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