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Study Songs in Special Categories

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Artist StudyWe can learn A LOT from the best of the best.  Theese study songs are the result of years of studying the best players ever . . . 
Blues Scale StudyThese are songs that predominantly use notes and sounds from the blues scale.  My approach for teaching the blues scale is novel and I don't believe that it is taught this way anywhere else. 
CORE Study Songs
CORE SONGS are four of the melodies introduced in Level 1 Instruction "Beginning Chicago Blues Harmonica:"
Each of these have corresponding Level 2, Level 2s, Level 3, and Level 3-Plus songs, which gradually increase in technical and breathing skills . . .
Melody StudyThese are songs that have a catchy melody that is heard numerous times and in numerous different ways throughout the songs.  Being able to play a melody and play numerous variations of it is an underappreciated blues playing skill.  The "Q Boogie" uses numerous recognizable melodies for its catch.
Non-12-Bar These are the songs that are NOT-12 bars long in their forms.  These include some 8-bar, a 9-bar, 16-bar and some 1-bar (one chord) studies. 

PositionsBeing able to play positions, playing in other keys on the same harmonica, is a fairly standard requirement for the blues harp player.  Most players use just 1st, 2nd and 3rd posiion. I have created some unusal study songs that focus on rarer positions . . .
Riff StudyThese are songs that have a highly recognizable, repeating riff that shapes the personality of the song.  These include the Boogie, Box Shuffle, Rumba, Tramp, and others. 

Rural Country BluesRURAL COUNTRY BLUES - Urban (city) blues tended to be amplified while rural blues styles, without as many options to develop with the availability of electricity, tended to use more chords  and splits to allow for a bigger sound . . .
Specialized GroovesThese are the songs that are NOT shuffles or swings.  They are all straight eighth-note grooves like the Rumba, Hambone, Tramp, Cha Cha Cha, Old Time and Boogaloo.

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Learning GuidesThese learning guides should downloaded, printed and used.
Sample TracksSample Tracks - Samples are included with each song and listed here also, by playing level.