Joe began working on his own harmonicas shortly after he began playing them. By 1990 he had begun building, customizing, and repairing them for others, including numerous professional players who were quick to acknowledge the value of his work.
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UNFORTUNATELY, . . . due to his present workload and schedule, Joe is unable to accept new orders and clients at this time. The good news is that you can have you Filisko Method Harmonica needs fulfilled by contacting Richard Sleigh at Richard Sleigh's Hot Rod Harmonicas.

Customizer interview by Hohner

The Hohner Thunderbird Harmonica

Introduced by Hohner in 2011, this model utilizes the Filisko conical lower cover design that has been copied by many other manufacturers.  Hohner extended the range of the famous Marine band design all the way down to a double low F (LLF) which is two full octaves below the standard tuned F.  You can hear Joe play this harp on the song “Sinking In Love” on the CD called “On The Move”.

Joe also highly recommends checking out recordings by Dennis Gruenling, who has played and recorded with low harps since the mid 1990’s.
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