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Level II is generally for those who:
- have completed the course materials from the Level I Chicago Blues Harmonica and probably the Level II (mini) instrumentals.  This means that you . . .

- have two to twelve months of playing experience.

- are familiar with the twelve bar blues structure, the shuffle rhythm and can play through one or more of the Level II mini instrumentals that are three choruses long.

- are working towards playing consistent, clean single notes.

- have been using tongue blocking.

The goal of the Level II materials is to expand upon the materials introduced in the Level I and Level II (mini) courses by means of instrumentals that are now four choruses long.

All versions have a guitar solo and some, the “s” versions, have a harp solo.  All instrumentals start and end with the same melodic idea.  It may seem easy enough, but counting off the song and signaling the ending will be necessary.  There is a guitar solo that must be signaled before taking the supporting accompaniment role.  The regular instrumental versions will all have a melodic variation similar to the first and last chorus while the “s” versions will have a harp solo.  All versions will be found with the same exact harp solo.  Since it is the most active melodically, loud in terms of its dynamics and does have more breathing challenges, it is likely the hardest think you will encounter here among the Level II instrumentals.  You should assume that the solo will take you the longest to play convincingly.

Level II Study Songs

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Bird Instrumental 2 DownloadBird Instrumental 2 DownloadThe "Bird" Instrumental #2 is much in the flavor of Rice Miller (Sonny Boy Williamson #2).  The big rhythmic chording is almost in a rural country blues style.  The chord bombs played under the guitar solo are great sounding when the rhythm is dialed in. This builds on the Level II mini Instrumental.
E-Z Instrumental 2s DownloadE-Z Instrumental 2s DownloadThe "E-Z" Instrumental #2 (s version has a harmonica solo) is a very common and "must know" melody in blues.  It was inspired by Big Walter's 1953 recording on SUN records and he seemed to get his inspiration from a hit song by Ivory Joe Hunter.  This builds on the Level II mini Instrumental.
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