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A master harp player, teacher, custom harmonica pioneer, researcher and historian, Joe Filisko is arguably the world's foremost authority on many aspects of the diatonic harmonica and a key figure in today's harmonica scene. 

Featured Links

The Roots DuoThe Roots DuoJoe and Eric Noden focus on creating experiences for their fans and guitar/harmonica students through online performances and workshops. Stop on by the RootsDuo video vault and check out clips from past live events and workshops. For upcoming events check out the Events Page.
BluesHarmonica.com is the home of David Barret's instruction
You Missed Monday!!!You Missed Monday!!!Best class newsletter EVER! (Enjoy back issues. New issues are not being added while classes are online.) 
FriendshipFriendshipRecording project with Jeff "Jasko" Jaskowiak and Larry Ortega

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Studyharmonica@filiskostore.com for questions regarding orders and downloads and technical store questions
Joe@Filisko.com for all other messages