Filisko’s Harmonicology

A collaboration of talent performing blues, traditional and original tunes. This project sprouted from Joe’s Rhythm & Chording class at the Old Town School, and hints at the harmonica bands of the past BUT has much more emphasis on American Roots music and vocals.  The project has members of all playing levels and abilities and has taken the Chicago area stages at the Old Town School, the Hideout, the Harlem Ave Lounge and was the opening act at the Paramount Blues Festival in Grafton, Wisconsin.

Walter Horton Discography

Known recordings by Big Walter Horton. A work of Joe’s with contributions from a multitude of friends. Click title above for the .pdf file. ine packed into 2 CD’s!  Click here

History of the Blues Harmonica Concert 2 disc CD

A work with David Barrett, Dennis Gruenling, and Kinya Pollard.

Imagine a concert where you could experience blues harmonica playing and it’s most important players from its earliest recorded inception all the way up to today’s innovative harp blowers… the History of the Blues Harmonica Concert did just that!  One of the best possible live concert recordings that has more blues harmonica history than you can imagine packed into 2 CD’s!

 Available again at Bluebeat Music

Blues Harmonica — encyclopedia entry

“Encyclopedia of the Blues”  Contributor
Joe authored the “Blues Harmonica” entry for the Routledge 2-Volume book set that came out in 2005.
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