Zulu Boogaloo
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This is a study of the Boogaloo groove, which got its name from the 1960s dance of the same name. Remember that this groove is not a shuffle or swing. It is a straight-eighth note groove, very similar to the “Tramp” groove. Check out the George Harmonica Smith song, “Avalon Boogaloo.” This is also a study in how to use the blues scale. This song requires solid tongue blocking and breathing skills and moderate bending skills. Everything except the chords should be played using tongue blocking. Tongue switch to play hole #1 without moving your jaw. Memorize the Tempo, Form, Groove, Key & Start and ending signal (TFGKS). Note the general page dynamic markings of s=soft, M=Moderate, L=LOUD! Since this song actually starts from the V, if you learn to play pg. 1 with confidence, you can actually start the song off without counting. Just tell the band the key and to come in at the top. It is always better to say the name of the soloist if you know it. Don’t say “guitar” if the soloist is not a guitar player or if the guitar player doesn’t want to solo!!!
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