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Shuffle Chording Blues Download
Shuffle Chording Blues Download
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This is a study of a rhythmic chording approach heard by Walter Horton, Junior Parker, Rice Miller and Sylvester Hayes. The specific inspiration comes from the faded solo at the end of Junior Parker's song "Sweet Home Chicago." An extended version of this song can be heard on the Ace CD 710, "Harp Blues." This chordal approach is what I call the "hard shuffle." It is played on holes #1 and #2 (#3) with inhaling only on the 1st and 3rd beats and exhaling on the 2nd and 4th beats, and a tongue articulation of "tuc-kuh" that is played sharp and staccato. WHEN IN DOUBT, INHALE! The chording is printed lighter to help you focus on the melody. Note that aside from chording, all the rest is inhaling! This piece will accompany itself if the rhythm is strong and confident.
.zip file that includes .pdf Instructions and .mp3 music tracks. An application that can unzip the file is required.

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