Fox Chase/Piedmont Groove for Harmonica and Guitar
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Joe Filisko & Eric Noden break down the Fox Chase/Piedmont groove for harmonica and guitar in their first instructional webinar as a duo. They’ll explore the interlocking patterns on harmonica and guitar that create the groove. They’ll also focus on building a solid rhythmic foundation as a duo. Harmonica and Guitar tabs and practice tracks will be emailed to students a day before the Webinar.

Suitable for ALL levels. Harmonica players will need a harmonica in the key of A. Guitar players need a 6 string guitar. For guitar players some experience with fingerpicking is helpful.

This online workshop, recorded November 2020, runs approximately 80 minutes. Yours to return to as often as you like.  (Please note, the workshop price does not include the option of submitting samples for review.)

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