N-P Blues Download
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New December 2013.  LEVEL III - This song is a study of the technique that I call the Nose Push (NP). The simple explanation is
releasing air through your nose simultaneously to playing an exhale note, split or chord. Failing to use the (NP) will make this tune nearly impossible to play. Playing an exhale note in place of the notated inhale ones will make the song less bluesy sounding. Watching how accordion players use their air valve can help to give you a visualization on how to release air out of your nose while playing something exhaling. My experience is that most of the “greats” do this unconsciously. This song very much has a 1950’s Chicago Blues attitude to it. There is also a guitar solo that you should know how to cue and come back in strong after.  8 pages of transcription sheets; 24 study tracks
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