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Now that you have gone through the Level I Beginning Blues materials, your next step is to take those ideas and start to turn them into songs that are three choruses long.  You will start and end with the same blues melody idea.

The "5-Hole" Instrumental #1 is based upon a pretty generic melody used in blues.  Knowing how to hit hole #5 inhaling will insure that you are indeed sounding bluesy.  The hard shuffle chording used under the guitar solo always sounds great in the shuffle.  Just keep your ear on that rhythm and groove.

The "Bird" Instrumental #1 is much in the flavor of Rice Miller (Sonny Boy Williamson #2).  The big rhythmic chording is almost in a rural country blues style.  The chord bombs played under the guitar solo are great sounding when the rhythm is dialed in.

The "Boogie" Instrumental #1 is a must for every blues harp player.  You shouldn't call yourself a blues harp player if you can't play the boogie melody. The ghost chording used under the guitar solo is obtained from tongue blocking.  Be sure to get it right and spitty sounding.

The "E-Z" Instrumental #1 is a very common and must know melody in blues.  It was inspired by Big Walter's 1953 recording on SUN records and he seemed to get his inspiration from an Ivory Joe Hunter hit song. 

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