Deford's Dream
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This study song is much like the first known cross harp, 2nd position recordings, that were then referred to as “choking.” This will be another tool, along with “Skip To My Lou” and “Henry’s Lament,” to give insight into the amazing layers of technique hidden behind DeFord Bailey, Kyle Wooten, Palmer McAbee and others. This original Filisko study song will help folks get oriented to larger and more complicated pieces in the FoxChase & LostJohn tradition, which all tend to be one-chord, groove-driven songs. I consider this to be a piece for “all levels.” No bending is required. If you are a beginner and need the tracks even slower, I recommend a program like Amazing Slow Downer to slow down the audio tracks as much as you need. It’s okay to play a clean single note instead of the split-4 if you are a beginner, but be sure to use tongue blocking.
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