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Chasin' Lost Sonny Download
Chasin' Lost Sonny Download
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Please note that there are two things different about this song, “Chasin' Lost Sonny.”  
First, it is twice the price.  That is because it was at least twice as hard to prepare as anything else here in the Filisko Store.  
The second is that there is not a single defined final arrangement for the song but instead, numerous building blocks that you will need to arrange into your own version of Sonny's stylistic.  If you goal is to capture his special style, you will need to do a lot of listening to the numerous versions of this type of piece that he recorded.  Some of those are listed in the song notes.  You will hear these building blocks and countless variations of them.  Please also go back and review the song notes often and continually listen to the sample tracks on the CD. 
(In track titles F=Foundation, T=Transition  Section,  M=Middle Section.) Set includes 57 tracks, 12 pages of notes.
Download products require an unzip application and a .pdf reader application. Tracks are mp3.

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