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B. S. Blues Part 1 Download
B. S. Blues Part 1 Download
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This song is a study in the six-note blues scale. This is one of my more difficult songs due to the exacting bends needed on hole three. If your bends here are weak or sloppy, the minor key blues will not likely work as well for you as the standard blues, which is more forgiving of sloppy bends. Being able to confidently and accurately play the blues scale will add many possiblilites to your playing, including playing over minor keys.
9 Instruction pages, TRACKS 1 - 20 (of 38 tracks) are included in this download.

NOTE: The download for this title is sold in two sets due to large file size.
-Both sets include instruction pages.
-THIS SET has tracks 1 - 20; set 2 has tracks 21 - 38.
-Each set is $5.
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