Bird Instrumental 3 Download
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The goal with this LEVEL III instrumental is to continue to build upon the Level I & Level II versions of this song that you have memorized. It’s quite likely that you will need a minimum of a year of experience before attempting this. The new techniques you will use are vamping (v) and the rapid vamping (RV) chordal effect heard on tracks 4, 8, 10, 12, 16 & 18. Some reminders are, everything except the chords should be played using tongue blocking and tongue switch to play hole #1 without moving your jaw if you can. Memorize the Tempo, Form, Groove, Key & Start and ending signal. (TFGKS) There are three different types of practice tracks and each has 4 tempos. Start with tracks 23-26 (1/5) and use tracks 27-30 (1/X/5) when you want to add a new chorus (page). Even though the track has the counting already recorded, you MUST practice counting and signaling in unison with the voice on the recordings!
.zip file that includes .pdf Instructions and .mp3 music tracks. An application that can unzip the file is required.
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