6-P Blues Download
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This song is a study of the 6th position with a nod to Rice Miller's "Help Me" and Booker T's "Green Onions." Please do make note that "Help Me" was NOT played in 6th position nor am I implying that it should be. Just happens to work fairly well. The very first known recording of blues harp in 6th was played by Eddie Mapp in a Curley Weaver song called "No No Blues" on May 26, 1929. There doesn't appear to be any other recordings of 6th until Little Walter took a one-chorus chromatic harp solo in an instrumental called "That's It" on July 23, 1953. 6th position is the most uncommon of the 7 modal positions. I personally have found that there is a fair amount of potential for it is as a blues position and hope to convey that potential in this piece.

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