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3pm Rumba Download
3pm Rumba Download
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This is a study of the blues rumba played in a minor key similar to Howlin’ Wolf’s song, “Who’s Been Talking” and executed in third position, Bm on an “A” harp. Third position is very minor key friendly but there are still bad notes. Generally want to avoid hole #3 played unbent and hole #7 inhale. You can also get into trouble bending hole #4 down flat. It can also sound very square and sterile if you don’t know how to work the bends. Also remember that a rumba groove is not a shuffle or swing. It is a straight eight note groove. This song also has a stop on bar 12 where the band stops playing. I encourage you to learn how to signal this by dropping a raised arm exactly on bar 12.
3pm Rumba Sample Track
.zip file that includes .pdf Instructions and .mp3 music tracks. An application that can unzip the file is required.

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