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1 P Blues Download
1 P Blues Download
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This song is a study of 1st position or straight harp blues in the straight eighth note rumba groove.The very first known recording of blues harp was actually played in 1st position on January 31, 1924,and up until John Lee Williamson and SonnyTerry started recording in 1937, the percentage of 1st and 2nd position recordings was almost the same. Players generally have avoided the middle range of the harp in 1st and either play on the low or high range. This arrangement actually utilizes the full range of the harp.The bends on both the high and low end can be quite difficult. My hope is that this arrangement will help to shed light on how to navigate around in 1st and give you a basic idea of how to make the most powerful blues sounds without advanced bending skills. While it can be said that basic 2nd pos blues is mostly inhaling on holes 1-5, this song is very challenging because it uses all 10 holes both inhaling and exhaling. Page 6 is the exception with ALL
exhaling notes.
.zip file that includes .pdf Instructions and .mp3 music tracks. An application that can unzip the file is required.

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