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My defination of Country Blues is those harmonica acoustic styles that generally have a maximum amount of chords being used in them.  Sonny Terry would be a great example of this along with DeFord Bailey and other solo unaccompanied players who were common in the 1920's.  The study song "Skip To My Lou" was not a part of DeFord's known repertoire but it does serve as an idea vehicle to learn Bailey's advances techniques because it is one of the easiest melodies to play on the harmonica.  The study song "Chasin' Lost Sonny" may be the hardest thing in the store to learn and play with conviction although some of it is VERY easy to play.

Country Rural Blues Study Songs

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Chasin' Lost Sonny DownloadChasin' Lost Sonny DownloadPlease note that there are two things different about this song, “Chasin' Lost Sonny.”  
First, it is twice the price.  That is because it was at least twice as hard to prepare as anything else here in the Filisko Store.  
The second is that there is not a single defined final arrangement for the song but instead, numerous building blocks that you will need to arrange into your own version of Sonny's stylistic.  If you goal is to capture his special style, you will need to do a lot of listening to the numerous versions of this type of piece that he recorded.  Some of those are listed in the song notes.  You will hear these building blocks and countless variations of them.  Please also go back and review the song notes often and continually listen to the sample tracks on the CD. 
Deford's DreamDeford's DreamThis study song is much like the first known cross harp, 2nd position recordings, that were then referred to as “choking.” This will be another tool, along with “Skip To My Lou” and “Henry’s Lament,” to give insight into the amazing layers of technique hidden behind DeFord Bailey, Kyle Wooten, Palmer McAbee and others. . .
Henry's Lament DownloadHenry's Lament DownloadThis is a study of the first known cross harp approach to playing the harmonica that was originally often referred to as “choking.” Henry Whitter recorded a few versions of this in 1923 called “Rain Crow Bill Blues” and “The Old Time Fox Chase” followed by “Weepin’ Blues” and “Rabbit Race” in 1924 and “Lost John” in 1925. . . .
Skip to My Lou DownloadSkip to My Lou DownloadThis is a great song to help comprehend many aspects of the intricate playing styles of DeFord Bailey, Kyle Wooten and other solo players. All the notes are easily available in two octaves and the chords fit and support the melody perfectly in the low octave. This will touch on some of the most obvious ways to ornament what happens underneath and around the melody. . . 
Sonny's Shuffle DownloadSonny's Shuffle DownloadThis song is a study of the 12 bar blues acoustic shuffle playing of Sonny Terry with most of his characteristic unique sounds, techniques, licks and phrases. It is my opinion that Sonny’s default embouchure is a one-hole tongue block
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