Tongue Block Trainer (TBT) OUT OF STOCK
Tongue Block Trainer (TBT) OUT OF STOCK
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We are currently out of stock and sorry for the inconvenience.  Please remember, you can make one at home with the instuctions on the right!

The harmonica can be extremely difficult to learn, expecially in the blues and folk traditions, due to the lack of visuals when one is playing.  The tongue is to the harp what the fingers are to a guitar, piano or sax and is also the most amazing muscle in the human body!  Could you imagine learning the guitar or piano and NOT ever looking at your hands or the hands of another player?

I have had numerous encounters over the 20 plus years of my prosfessional teaching and playing career to convince me that quite often players and students DO NOT really understand what is going on with their own tongue in their own mouth.  Being able to actually see their own tongue in action has proven to have immeasurable value, especially since most people learn and memorize best by seeing with their eyes. 

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Now YOU too have the opportunity to peek inside of your own mouth, and that of an instructor, to visually understand what is taking place inside your mouth and the mouth of the greatest players.  The FILISKO TBT will help you to unravel the mysteries of the tongue, and train this most amazing muscle to work closer to its full potential.

The TBT kit comes in its own zip-lock bag, ready to fold up, along with an acryllic mirror and basic instructions.  After use it can be folded back down and stored in your harmonica case or pocket.

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