Pre-Release Special!

“Destination Unknown” New Album by Eric Noden & Joe Filisko

Yes, it’s true!

After more than a year of working on it, our new album, “Destination Unknown," will be released officially in August. We have created and financed this recording completely independently. We used no crowd-funding, grants or other outside sources of funding on this new project. With declining CD sales and lack of revenue from the newer streaming services it’s becoming more and more difficult for musicians to get compensated for creating recordings. What can you do?

1) Buy our CD when it is released in August, and buy a few extra copies for gifts.

2) Attend a concert during our album release tour and buy a CD.
3) Be one of the first to hear the new "Destination Unknown" by participating in our pre-release opportunity (see below).

Pre-Release Opportunity for "Destination Unknown"

We are excited to announce a special opportunity for some of our loyal fans and friends to hear “Destination Unknown” before its official release date in August. The digital download will be available exclusively from the Filisko Store and will be sold at the premium price of $25. The download includes liner notes and lyrics.

 Friends and fans can show additional support through the  "Additional Funds!" option below. Any quantity of $20 is appreciated and will help defray the costs involved in writing, recording and producing this new project.

(PLEASE NOTE: The digital download will be available at a lower price once it is officially released in August)

Additional Support!

Here you can add ANY QUANTITY of $20 to your cart, then continue shopping to add "Destination Unknown."  THANK YOU!

Destination Unknown Pre-release Download

Instant Download - No e-mail link is sent.  Please see instructions below.
Thank you for your purchase!
Download Instructions
Download is instant, not via e-mail. The download link will appear in red as "Destination Unknown Pre-release Download." The download will be a .zip file that includes .mp3 links, liner notes and lyrics.
If using CREDIT CARD, the link appears instantly. If you have any problems with the file, please e-mail
If using PAYPAL, choose prompt to return to store/merchant. The link will be on the next page that appears. THANK YOU for your support!
DO NOT CLOSE WINDOW until download is complete!