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Notational Symbols (Key)KEY to the symbols on the Instruction Sets Transcription sheets. 10/2/13
18 Harmonica InsightsHere's a mess of things I have learned over the last 20+ years. One of my main goals has always been to enlighten people on why the masters were great and how to play like them. This is the result of studying and transcribing HUNDREDS of classic songs. HAVE FUN! 9/27/16 5 Types of Harmonica SOUND and 5 Types of TONEThis very tiny instrument is very good at sounding tiny. Making it sound BIG is a sign of mastery . . . 9/20/2017
Insights for BENDING on HarmonicaReasons for bending notes - Skills necessary for controlled bending on harmonica - The 5 levels of bending Updated 8/6/2013 Insights for BLOCKING on HarmonicaNine reasons for using blocking - Disadvantages of using blocking Updated 8/6/13
BREATHING When Playing Harmonica and IllustrationBREATHING! It is my belief that the most powerful and expressive sounds that the harmonca can make are obtained while inhaling, therefore, the longer you can CONTINUOUSLY INHALE while playing, the more bluesy your playing is likely to sound. 7/20/13
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