Harmonica MasterclassHarmonica MasterclassJoe's most in-depth workshops in the continental US have been presented in conjunction with the Harmonica Masterclass. Watch itinerary for upcoming dates. Joe, who considers David Barrett to be the World's Best Harmonica teacher, works his hardest at this event just trying to keep up with him. Also, this is the best opportunity to study the country blues traditions with Joe. The classes he designs for the Masterclass are always his best.
Hohner - Masters of the HarmonicaHohner - Masters of the HarmonicaJoe is an official endorser of Hohner Harmonicas.
Joe Filisko Home PageJoe Filisko Home PageJoe's website is a great source of information if you are looking for background information, where you can see him teach, hear him perform, and get an idea of some of the places he has been.
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